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How to Pitch a Tent: What Campers Need to Know
Although most modern tent models are designed to make pitching an easier job, knowing how to pitch a tent is still a handy skill that every camper needs to learn.

Canvas Tents From Pinnacle
The Pinnacle Tents store specializes in selling various types of canopies including pop-ups, cabin, multi-room, dome, wall, screen and canvas tents.

How Canvas Tents Differ from Modern Canopies
Canvas tents are heavier than other materials and require more effort to pitch, but these shelters are strong and can withstand high winds better than modern tents.

What Canopy Tent Awnings Are For
The main purpose of canopy tent awnings is to provide shade to those who do not wish to spend too much time inside the tent.

Why Some Campers Prefer to Build Tent Cabin Shelters
Compared with typical camping tents, more effort is required to build tent cabin shelters since they are heavier.

What to Look for in Backpacking Tents
Most backpacking tents have pack weights that do not exceed five lbs. The lightweight shelters, meant to be carried on the back of campers, are usually made of light materials and are designed simply.

What to Look for in Wall Tents
Some wall tents are just simple canopies that provide basic protection to campers, while some have additional features such as awnings, outside cover and flooring.

Using a Party Tent Cover to Ensure an Event’s Success
A party tent cover is an additional material that provides security by sheltering the main tent from a possible heavy downpour and can even help break heavy winds.

Party Tent Designs and Features
A party tent is also sometimes called a marquee. This type of shelter is used in large events such as weddings and trade fairs.

Party Frame Tent Models
A party frame tent is the more preferred type of party cover since it is far stronger than pole or canopy tents despite its light weight.

Dome Tents: Brands, Features, Designs and Prices
Dome tents come in various sizes ranging from a two-person model to larger types that can accommodate up to nine persons with a headroom exceeding six feet. Bigger sizes for parties, trade shows and other events are also available.

Dome Geodesic Tent: Unusual Shape, Adaptable Features
A dome geodesic tent is so-called for its spherical or ball-like shape. It has rounded roofs and has no sharp angles.

Tips on Cleaning Tent Trailer and Maintaining Other Canvas Camping Gear
Owners should remember that cleaning tent trailer, canopies and other canvas materials is a must if you want your gear to be as good as new by next camping season. 

Cheap Party Tents: What Are Your Options?
To increase your chances of getting high quality cheap party tents, compare prices first by looking into the Internet or calling up distributors for quotes.

Tents and Canopies: Multifunctional Shelters for the Outdoors
Tents and canopies can be used for recreational camping, as temporary shelters for trade shows, at military camps, as entertainment venues like concerts and circuses, for parties and for other events where only a temporary shelter is needed.

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